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Corrosion Block Solves Your Problems!

Do you need a corrosion control solution?
Experts estimate that protecting your equipment now is ten times cheaper than repairing it later. As a bonus, electrical and mechanical parts will run smoother and more efficiently.

So what is it?

Corrosion Block is a revolutionary product that:
corrosion on contact,
stops corrosion from ever coming back,
and finally lubricates the area.
Corrosion Block is safe to nearly all electronics.

Did you know that Corrosion Block-

  • is the US military's corrosion control product of choice
  • was used during the filming of The Titanic
  • was used during the filming of WaterWorld

These organizations trust their multi-million
dollar equipment with Corrosion Block... Shouldn't you?
Corrosion control and inhibition are important parts of any business.

But what's so different about it?

Corrosion block is a marine version of the aviation and
military's ACF-50.  This is a specially formulated penetrant that
was created to battle the worst kind of corrosion. 
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Aircraft Mechanic says it's a 'must-have'
Having spent a major portion of my life as an aircraft mechanic and founder of two engine overhaul facilities, I predict that once Corrosion Block is discovered by mechanics, every toolbox will have a spray can.
- Terry Capehart
Performance Engineering

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corrosion control in movies
Corrosion Block used in
filming of WaterWorld and Titanic!
Some Specific Corrosion Block Applications:
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