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Corrosion Block:
Corrosion Protection and Rust Prevention Explained

corrosion protection

A typical sealant actually traps in the moisture. Future corrosion is slowed, but the damage is not reversed. This is not proper corrosion protection.

rust prevention

Corrosion block penetrates deep to the root of the problem, destroying existing corrosion and creating a protective barrier. The moisture is displaced to the top, where it evaporates off ! This is the best rust prevention method available.

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Corrosion Block is a clean, clear, ultra-thin fluid which leaves a non-greasy astmospheric barrier to protect the base metal on interior surfaces. It leaves no gummy residue, and it can be sprayed on, or wiped on with a damp rag.

(1) Corrosion Block actively
penetrates the corrosion
the surface of the metal, electrically isolating it from the base metal.

(2) It then proceeds to displace the moisture present in the cell, bringing it to the surface where it evaporates!

(3) The cell is then filled and protected with a 40KV dielectric barrier to establish corrosion protection for at least 18 months.
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A Captain's Choice
We used Corrosion Block to coat our main engine, generator, and all metal parts in our engine room. We also found that, from keeping a coat on all the standing riggings, railing, and outside metal surfaces, we prevented any pitting or corrosion.

- Roy D. Wilf
"Theophilus" Captain, Florida

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Some Specific Corrosion Block Applications:
rust removal | corrosion inhibition | corrosion inhibitor | gun corrosion fishing reel | general rust inhibitor | boat battery | boat storage