Corrosion Block Spray

Corrosion Block is an anti-rust spray that kill corrosion on contact, stops corrosion from ever coming back, and finally lubricates the area.

The Corrosion Block family of liquid products includes the 1oz bottle, the 4oz pump, the 12oz aerosol, the 32oz bottle, and the 4 liter jug. For customers that need to cover more surface area, the 20 liter pail and the 30 and 55 gallon drums are available in our bulk section. All of these products are state-of-the-art specifically designed rust inhibitors. This clean, clear, ultra-thin fluid compound is applicable to a wide variety of residential and industrial applications. We have continually found new uses for these products because of their versatility in tough conditions.

Our spray products have these key benefits:

  • Entirely nonconductive - with a 40kV dielectric strength, you can apply it to any electronics, circuitboards, and conncetions without fear
  • Safe for rubbers and plastics - won't harm o-rings, gaskets, or other parts
  • Long protection life - Lasts up to 18 months, depending on application
  • Halts existing corrosion - Corrosion Block doesn't just prevent future corrosion, it also stop existing corrosion by penetrating into the base metal and ejecting moisture

In 2013 it was estimated that damage due to corrosion exceeded one trillion dollars in the United States alone. Corrosion Block’s family of liquids has stepped up to combat this serious loss. Its range of applications, which include marine, automotive, industrial, and aviation, has proven Corrosion Block to be one of the most capable protectors for your equipment.

The 12oz aerosol can is an excellent anti rust spray that can be applied to ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Being a corrosion inhibitor, it is expected to be rather caustic, yet it is so mild, it won’t melt a foam coffee cup. It is superior when treating electrical panels, switchgears, and water fouled electronics. It has also proven its effectiveness on fishing tackle, sporting arms, water craft electronics, and all electrical systems. The 12oz can is our best seller for portable, easy application.

Corrosion Block’s 4 liter jug is ideal for conditions where you need to protect a larger surface area. It can be applied with an electric or automotive spray gun to reduce labor time and costs. It is perfect for protecting industrial electrical systems, (480V switchgear and higher), due to the fact that Corrosion Block has a 4KV dielectric strength. Larger items like pontoon boats, truck trailers, flag poles, wind turbine foundation bolts, salt spreaders, marine and aircraft pontoons, and preproduction metal stock are ideal items for this product use.

The 4oz pump, retains all of the same Corrosion Block compound benefits in a smaller form factor. These pump products are ideal for bundling with maintenance kits, tool boxes, or for areas where aerosol sprays aren't permitted.

The 32oz spray is also a good choice for general use. Although the 12 oz remains the most popular Corrosion Block product, the ability to refill the 32oz has made this product a strong second favorite among Corrosion Block lovers.

From an anti rust spray, to pump and liquid action, these products will keep your equipment, home or industrial, running smooth for years to come. Corrosion Block products provide its users many benefits due to its superior performance characteristics.