Corrosion Block Testimonials

On the film set of Titanic

"On the filming of the new Blockbuster Titanic, we found ourselves with a formidable problem from salt air corrosion. The film set was 200 yards from the Pacific Ocean on Rosa Rita Beach and our lighting equipment was at the mercy of the salt air constantly.

We heard about Lear's products, Corrosion Block and ACF-50, and decided to give them a try. They worked great. We used the products to protect all of our equipment and both products worked wonderfully! Thanks to Corrosion Block & ACF-50 products, we didn't have a single corrosion related failure, on this 75 day shoot. It saved us a lot of time and money! Our great succes with both of these products prompted us to use them on our next overseas project."

- Musco Mobile Lighting

South Seas Charter Service

Having such good luck on our amphibian aircraft, we thought we'd try Corrosion Block aboard our 120' steel dive ship "Albert." Following liberal applications of Corrosion Block to outboards and compressors, salt caking and problems associated with it are a thing of the past.

Hatches, gates, and hinges work like a charm, and even salt spray on our radars, depth sounders, and radios now wipes off easily with no salt residue left over. It's saving us thousands of dollars a year in replacement parts and down time and we thank you from the bottom of our checkbook!"

-William Bolling III, South Seas Charter Service, Marathon, Fl

Protecting marine vessels

After taking blue water over the top, knocking out my radar antenna, a shot of Corrosion Block brought it back to life and the picture was better than before. I've experimented with it for the past year on all wiring, inside radios, lorans, generators, terminal blocks, running lights, crab block davits, controls, and valves. It stopped any corrosion that was there and there's been none since! Corrosion Block is the most impressive penetrant and lubricant I have ever seen."

-Dan O' Hagan, pilot of the 56' "G.H. Corliss" Washington State Department of Fisheries vessel

Air conditioning repair and protection

A customer with a Duke had a complaint that the air conditioning unit door was inoperable. The electric motor which operates the door had not been used for several months and we anticipated having to replace it.  I sprayed the motor and was amazed at the fact that it began working within 15 minutes.  Then we tried it on a rotating beacon that was out and it also began working! You've got me convinced.

-Dave Johnson, Airepair

On the film set of Waterworld

Lear chemical products were also used in the filming of WaterWorld. As the title suggests, nearly every prop in this movie ended up in the water at some point. Corrosion control was needed, and Lear Chemical's products, Corrosion Block and ACF-50 were decided upon.