Air Conditioning Corrosion Stories

For those of you that live near the coasts, you know that saltwater can be devastating to your outdoor equipment.

Air conditioning units in particular tend to be harmed.  The combination of a salty sea breeze and metal parts means that corrosion is inevitable without prevention.

The most common issues we see with AC units are rusty condenser fins, terminal blocks, wire harnesses, and other metal contact points.

A quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Ac Window Units

"I happened to notice my AC window unit was not draining water very well I had to drill a couple of holes in the frame to get the water drained off. I noticed the AC vanes looked ate up! I touched some of them and they crumbled like powder. I plan on using the Corrosion Block to help save what is left and to prevent further deterioration of the vanes due to the Florida salt air."

Outside Of Air Conditioner

"The outside of our air conditioner started showing small white flakes in between the metal. All we do is water our yard, I know it had to be some type of corrosion. I started to research the subject on the internet and found your site. The information your site gave was very helpful and answered alot of my questions. We decided to order a can and give it a try. "

Maintence For Many Items Door Hinges ,Slides, Locks Etc.Air Conditioning Un

"We are starting a maintenance program that includes all the above items and many other applications. We are located in ormond beach florida beachside we have many problems with rust and corrosion. along with our construction business we would like to expand to more preventative maintenance. working with associations, private businesses and home owners alike."

Protecting Cars, Tools

"I had rusty water come out every time I drained my air compressor so I put Corrosion Block in the tank about 5 yrs ago and have never had rust come out again....The compressor is 20 yrs old and all that comes out now is clear water....Fantastic!"

Auto And Electronics

"I had a furnace blower motor that was binding. I tried every lube on the shelf it seems. None would last for more than a few days. Then I gave it one shot and it ran for years, quieter than ever."

Household Use

"Corrosion block has helped prolong my beachside home's Air conditioning many years past those of my neighbors units. I also use Corrosion Block on my boat and all of my daughters outdoor toys."

Recommended By Fine Homebuilding Mag

"Compressor tank spray to inhibit rust. Found out about it from an old 1999 issue (No 126) on the web. Took an hour to find, though. Maybe you should advertise it for this purpose more widely."

Air Conditioner On Ocean

"I am using this product to stop and protect erosion on 3 air conditioning units that are exposed to the salt air of the atlantic ocean. I have used this product before and it really works..."

AC Condensors

"I live on the Atlantic ocean this product keeps my 3 air conditoners from getting damaged fron the salt air- it also keeps my locks working and doors opening- great product "

Corrosion Blook

"We are going to try it on our portable A/C units to extend life. We are on the beach and are getting about two months out our units currently. Let see how we do!"

A/C Units On Ptec Units

"We spray the entire unit with Corrosion Block and it REALLY stops the corrosion. We reapply every year with yearly clean-out and the A/C's look new."

Window AC At The Beach

"I have to replace my window AC unit every three years at the beach condo. I am hoping that corrosion block will prolong the life somewhat. "

Protecting AC Unit

"I am planning to use the product on my outside AC unit to avoid corrosion. My neighbor used it and it works awesome for that application."

Quite Varied

"A/C compressor cases; electrical connections, particularly on boats in salt water; ; tools; alkaline battery connections"

Protecting Air Conditioning Units From Salt Air

"On my air conditioning units that are on the ocean and get a good dose of salt air that is very corrosive"

Preventing Maintenance Of Customers' Vessels

"Beside marine applications, we are planing to use Corrosion Block on commercial Air Conditioning units. "

Air Compressor Tank

"Using to treat existing corrosion and prevent additional corrosion inside air compressor tank."

Air Conditioner

"Spraying all interior except cooling system, case, motor, posterior grille, fan, etc"

Rusty Air Conditionion Units

"To remove and protect the exterior units from salt air."

Protect AC Unit At Beach House

"To protect my A/C compressor outside of my beach house"

Protecting A/C On Roof Near Atlantic Ocean

"Protecting the cooling fins of the roof A/C units."

Air Conditioning

"Plan to use it on outdoor AC units at the beach"

Corrosion Protection

"Corrosion protection on coastal area AC unit"