Audio and Video Equipment Corrosion

When used outdoors, audio, video, and lighting equipment can be exposed to harsh environments.  Moisture in the air, particularly near saltwater, leads to corrosion issues.

Common problems include corroded wire harnesses, tripods, radio equipment, input jacks, and much more.

However, it can be stopped with a quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months.  

For example, lighting crews for huge movie sets like The Titanic and Waterworld used our products with great success.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Lubricate Charging Socket

"We manufacture and distribute water sports helmets that include built-in 2-way radio systems (called the Headzone Coaching Communication System). In order to protect the stainless steel AC charging socket on the rear of the helmets, particularly in saltwater environments, Corrosion Block is necessary to prevent degradation from residual water and electrolysis during charging cycles."

Lubing And Protecting Threads On Television Camera Tripod Anchors

"We have used Corrosion Block on the threads of the anchor feet of the tripods used under television cameras. These are exposed to a very nasty environment during the football season, snow, mud, freezing weather, etc., and having lubed these parts for the last two seasons, we have not lost one insert! Thanks very much. Bob"

Audio Equipment

"We are a production company based in Florida and the humidity is corroding all of our equipment. Most of our equipment lives outside 24/7, 365 days a year. A couple of our clients are fitness facilities which equals sweaty belt packs. We hope that Corrosion Block with help the lifespan of our equipment. "

Pipeline Televising Industry

"We are using this corrosion protection product in our electronic product assemblies. We manufacture products for the underground pipeline televising industry. The protection allows us to keep our product functioning in this harsh environmental application."

Protecting Public Safety Radios

"We will be using Corrosion Block on our $4000/ea. Public Safety portable radios that are heavily used on the beach. We are looking to prevent corrosion and provide some type of protective barrier to sand, saltwater, and freshwater."

Restore Vinage Stereos

"On all electrical parts and components. Nothing else seems to provide the full spectrum of cleaning and protection. Also makes most treated parts look good as new."


"Spray into the charger jacks into the back of the radio helmets we use for coaching kiteboarding, the latest extreme water sport."


"Outdoor speaker protection"