Dealing with Boat Corrosion

Boats are constantly exposed to harsh conditions.  The combination of water (particularly seatwater) and oxygen means that anything made of metal will start to corrode.

Some common issues we've seen are anything on the motor, electrical harnesses, distribution blocks, winches, and much more.

A quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Outboard Motors

"I routinely, at least twice a year and especially when storing, will spray the entire powerhead of my yamaha outboards with Corrosion Block. The engines are from 1992 and 1998 and when you remove the cowlings they look as if they just left the factory. Boy am glad I found Corrosion Block for an online purchase. I also use Corrosion Block to spray the motors, cables and gearing on my boat lifts, and the winch on my trailer. While these are the primary uses, there are uses around the home that are too numerous to list."

Fixes Anything

"i have been using corrosion block for more than 15 years. This order is a gift to someone who asked why i like it. i gave a can to a friend who sailed the south pacific for 5 years. his fame for fixing corroded radios spread across the area. when he pulled into port in his boat Ayesha he was greeted by people he had never met - they asked if he had any of that fixit stuff for their radio (and many other things) -Tom Osborne"

Protecting Customers Boats

"Our company uses this product to combat corrosion on electrical wiring and component. We also use it to insure protection of new installations of components and wiring. My own personal experience with this product convinced me that it is well worth the cost compared to other inferior brands. Mike Batten Owner Batten Boatworks "

Protecting My Boat And Fishing Rods

"I have had my boat for four years now. I fish only in saltwater. I use corrosion block on everything, electrical, battery connections, all wiring connections. I pull the motor cover and spray it. I use fresh water reels because they are cheaper, and even though they are not disigned for saltwater use they do not have one bit of rust on them. I spray them down with corrosion block after every trip. This stuff realy works. Can't fish in saltwater without it, no corrosion on anyting in four years."

Protecting Marine Engines And A Whole Bunch Of Things

"I completely coat my outboards with Corrosion Block and have been doing so for the past ten years. I also us it on the trailer winch. I recently started using it to protect screws and nuts on dock lights. I ahve used it on fishing reels and rods. These are the primary uses. The other uses are far to numerous to list. "

Eliminate Rust From My Life

"Corrosion is a cancer in the tough salt environment of Hawai'i. I use Corrosion Block on absolutely everything. I apply it with a tooth brush. I use it on every connection in the boat, took engine cover off and put it on everything. I use it on kitchen roller drawer/bearings, home appliance, door hinges, door latch, and key hole. All around the bottom of the hot water heater and fittings. I put a light coat on all tools in the garage as they all corrode/rust without this protection. My first year I used oil, stuff was rusting within 5 months. Corrosion Block has truly eliminated my concerns of corrosion/rust on my expensive tools. I put in on the non-chrome parts of my Harley and wipe it off, leaving a very thin coat, this prevents discoloring, corroding, pitting of metals. I have found that I've saved my most precious resource "TIME", with the use of Corrosion Block as a common maintenance tool... Vinny "

On Board A 40' Trawler

"I am in the process of purchasing a 40' Marine Trader trawler. While doing an inspection I noticed that the owner had installed a new starter motor on his diesel.(Only last Fall) The alloy part of the casing was already starting to get covered with salt spots and white corrosion. I introduced him to Corrosion Block and showed him how easy it was to prevent this problem for at least a year. Then we started again throughout the boat spraying electrical busses and connecting point. I told him how it does not conduct electricity and won't harm the materials the contacts are mounted on. He will be ordering some of the product for his new boat soon. Great stuff!"


"I first used the product on trailer connectors, it worked amazingly. No more customers with intermittent light issues. Last year I purchased a water damaged car that was much worse than described to me. I used Corrosion Block everywhere and have no problems with anything. Last winter when plowing snow my blade kept dropping on its own, I called the dealer and they said they were trying to find the problem but felt it was a "joystick" problem, but they were on backorder. I noticed corrosion starting at the main harness connector and sprayed it with Corrosion Block and never had another problem with it all winter."


"I have used this product to coat printed circuit boards in marine electronics and on turnbuclkles for tensioning as well as the hand winch on my boat trailer. I have used this on reel parts that have started to show signs of corrosion, both internally and externally as means of STOPPING the corrosive action. I used to use this in the sockets of trailer lighting to repel water. ( I use sealed LEDS now) The best application that I have found for this outside of the marine world, is on the bench vise to keep it free, easy to operate. Thanks!!!"

Everything-Boat,Tractor,Trailers Fantastic Product

"Corrosion Block is my primary means of not only corrosion and rust protection but also freeing up frozen parts. I always start with Corrosion Block and if need be work my way to WD-40 or BP. WD-40 does not come close to the rust protection I get with Corrosion Block. I live on 20 acres on Escambia Bay(saltwater) and use corrosion block on my boat, tractor, trailers and everything else that is metal that I need protection from the salt air or saltwater I love it. Thanks, Steve McGaugh"

Rust Proof My Boat

"I am going to try using it to rust proof my anchor, chain and fittings. Most of the time it is just onboard gathering rust. After each use, I will flush with fresh water and and reapply your product. Also, onboard are my downrigger equipment and attachements. The steel pieces are always getting rusty. The same applys here. After each use, rinse with fresh water and reapply your product. I am hoping for good results. My outboard motor will be sprayed as well."


"Started using it on my sailboat in hawaii after a boat show. I now use it on everything, it's fantastic. My boat was a 1979 ketch, which was blown off its mooring during a storm. Water came in the engine compartment rusting everything. the mechanic wanted to cut of bolts, rewire entire electrical system, your rep gave me a can and the grease. After several hours, all bolts were off, the wires were reused, even used it to lube hatches. -Mac McIntire"

Boats And Motors

"Block corrosion on aluminum jonboats and motors. We have a fleet of 6 jonboats and 4 airboats. When they run in saltwater, it really causes problems with the hulls and the galvanic problems with the motors. Also, the airboat engines are aluminum and they really take a beating. Using the spray on the aluminum cooling fins on the cylinder heads keeps corrosion at a minimum and allows the air-cooled engines to run smoother."

Boat Repair

"I put a light coating of corrosion block grease on installed items subject to corrosion in ares hidden by the installation. As an example, my chrome on brass rod holders in my fighting chair rocket launcher tend to corrode between the thickness of the rocket launcher itself and it is in accessible to wash or wax unless removed, hence the light coat of grease protects the surface."

Corrison Control Of Electrical And Sporting Goods

"I use it to spay down my electrical connections on my boat, boat trailer and golf cart and eliminate lights shorting out and not working because of corrision. Even on boats trailers where the lights may get wet launching. It also makes it easier to change bulbs as they do not corrode in the socket. I also use it on my guns to protect them from rust."

Using It On My Boat - Texas Coast

"I use corrosion block to protect my boat engine. The salt water along the Texas coast can be very harsh on an engine. I protect the electrical system along with all parts that can rust. I rub down the outside of the engine and the saltwater will not stay on the engine. It is great. I show and tell all my boating friends about this wonderful product."

Marine Engine Proctection

"I rinse my diesel engines after use and spray corrosion block onto exterior surfaces. This is a good protectant and actively repels salt build up. I also lubricate my rod roller guides and exterior surfaces of my reels to inhibit any corrosive action. I use it just about anywhere there is metal exposed to the harse Hawaiian marine elements! Mahalo!"

Garage Door Opener

"I have always used your product on my boat (ski boat) your product is by far better than anything i had tried, wd-40 etc. One day i noticed my garage door opener was making lots of noise. I used corrosion block on the screw drive of my 1/2 hp unit. It not only got quieter but it worked much smoother. It's a great long lasting product."


"I am a new user of your product, but have been given a sample by my boss who used it in industry. We are now using your product for the maintenance and care of 8 boats used at frontier camp a cristian summer youth camp, that runs a water ski and wake board program. we have had good results so far from your product"

Protecting Everything

"We live on our boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (Marshall Islands). My husband discovered corrosion block at a store in Hawaii on our way west...he has used it ever since. Keeps his tools working. Keeps all our electronics protected from the salt air environment. Etc., etc., etc. Love it1"

Protecting PWC Engine

"I have used corrosion block for many years after seeing demonstrated at a trades show. I spray it on my PWC engine and electronics giving it a nice coating before using the craft in saltwater. I have also done the same to my outboards motors as well and it has kept the corrosion away! "

Outboard Boat Motor

"I plan to use corrosion block grease for several applications including: boat trailer wheel bearings, boat motor tilt tube, pivot shaft, and prop shaft. I currently use corrosion block spray lube on my boats electrical system, rods, reels, and many other things as well."

Boating Stuff

"I got introduced to your spray years ago and used it on everything around my Boating Stuff. Boat Trailer Roads, just everything that gets in contact with Saltwater... I am just more then impressed and recommend it to all my friends and customers. Roger Wiederhold"

Protecting & Restoring Marine Engine

"I plan to use Corrosion Block around the exhaust manifold and all exposed bolts on my Volvo-Penta marine engine. I'm also considering trying it out on my aluminum trailer to see how well it protects the brushed finish from the ravages of the ocean. Virgil Wilkins"

Protecting Snowmobile Trailer Electrical Connections

"I also used this product to fix my vehicle key fob after I dropped it into saltwater exiting a boat in Kodiak, AK. After spraying corrosion block into the internal components, it worked perfectly! We use it extensively on our Commercial Fishing Boat up there."

Protection From Salt Air

"Protection of metal mechanical moving and stationary parts on boat and personal watercraft trailers, boats and personal watercrafts, pulleys systems, hinges, boat lifts and whatever else that is exposed to the elements of the coastal air and water."

Trailer Electrical Conn.

"I spray it on my electrical connections between the boat & the truck.Also I have a starter on my truck thats open to the salt during the winter and I spray it on those electrical connections. Any electrical connections open to the weather."

Saltwater-Boat & Fishing Equip.

"I own an aluminum fishing boat. Most of the extras like depthfinders, trolling moter, etc. all come with stainless steel hardware. I use corrosion-block to prevent galvonic-corrosion that sets up between the aluminum and strainless steel."

Saltwater Protection For Wheel Bearings

"Corrosion Block by far out performs all other wheel bearing grease that I have ever used. No more replacing a wheel bearing on my boat trailer, on the side of the road. Thanks to Lear Chemical for making a truly superior product."

Protecting New Boat & Trailer

"I read about your product in boating life magazine and was very interested in the ability to keep my brand new Boston Whaler and new trailer looking new. I look forward to years of corrosion free use thanks to your product! "

Boat Protection

"I haven't used it yet, but it was highly recommended to me. I live near the beach in Florida and the air is very corrosive. I keep my boat in the water and it needs all the protection I can provide so I am giving CB a try."

Protecting Trailer, Boat, Reels And Rods

"Spray leaf-springs on trailer before and after use. No rust for 2 yrs. now!We also use on all door hinges (live 3 miles from ocean). Spray all Penn rods and reels. Remove motor casing and thoroughly spray entire motor."

Boat Console Electrical

"Trying your product for the first time. tried many different in the the past with limited results. hope this is the big one. looking forward to using it asap. need to go fishing yesterday. many thanks in advance. -PB"

Boating In Saltwater

"When i see results they will be reported to my friend at local marina who repairs all types of marine problems (corrosion being a major one) he will probably order cases of the product if it does what you advertise."

Boat Protection

"I just purchased a very well taken care of 2005 Key West boat. I believe I can maintain its showroom appearance with the consistant and diligent use of Corrosion Block. I will let you know in ten years. TJ Glowacki"

Marine Applications

"This is my first purchase. I intend to use it on seacocks, engine parts, etc. If it works well I would be happy to provide a positive comment. (And of course, buy more.) -Eric Stanley S/V Argyle Down East 38"

Protect Marine Engines And Fuse Boxes As Well As Other Elctronic Equipment

"Sprayed into a 15 year old tachometer that had been on an exposed flybridge for over 5 years and not working. One day later the tach worked and continued to work for the next four years I owned the boat."

Sailboat, All Areas

"If its metal, tools, electronic circuit or connection, motor, or anything else on the boat exposed and subject to corrosion,it gets a spray of CB. Winches and cables get the CB grease. Great product."

Protecting Marine Components

"I use Corrosion Block on every single connection on my boat. It is an inexpensive way to get a lttle extra protection from the harse marine environment. I have not found a better product. Cless Corr"

Boat battery terminals

"Battery terminals and all electrical connections. Boatlifts and all of the lubricating points associated with them. This is the best product I use. I recommend it all the time. ED"

Protecting injection molds

"I use Corrosion block for protecting surfaces of our injection molds (Plastic injection molding)at my company and for protecting everything on my boat. It is a Fantastic product!"

Protecting My Boats Electronics

"I plan on spraying my boats wiring connections to prevent rusting and corrosion. I learned about this product on It was recommended on that site. -Carl Orsi"

Boat Exhaust Manifolds and Risers

"My exhaust manifolds and risers are both aluminum and their joint is subject to contact with water in the engine compartment. They are a bear to get apart after 30 years!!!"

Freeing Up Rusted Hinges On A Boat And Protection

"I am using it to free up hinges on my boat's ports and will use it also to protect and clean some things on the boat. This is the first time I have used the product."

Electrical Connections on Boats and Dock Power

"Protect electical connections on boats and dock power near the ocean. Connectors to GPS always corrode causing expensive repair. Corrosion block stops this problem."

Outboard Lubrication

"I remove the cowling on my outboard motor and spray the outside of the engine including all electrical. I also spray the outside of all my small motors."

Removing A Stuck Propeller

"I heard about you product on a couple of boards and that it is very effective on removing stuck items. I'm also looking forward to other possible uses."

Boat, Electronics, Tractor

"I will use this product on my boat, tractor, avionics, guns, airplane, pickup truck, Harley, computer. I know what this product can do. thanks Jim"

Protecting My Boat Trailer

"I use corrosion black for my boat engine and trailer because it does such a great job fighting the effects of the salt water here in Savannah. "

Preventing Marine Electronic Corrosion

"Applying Corrosion Block in 4 oz. pump spray bottle to boat electronics terminals. Also will be apply to boat trailer nuts and bolts."

Protecting My Boat Trailer

"I will pick up my new boat trailer in a few days, I want to soak it in Corrosion Block before it ever hits water for the first time! "

On drydocks

"Have Boat in drydock in Hunington Beach,CA Corrosion has taken a toll and anything I can do to alleviate that is worth the money. k"

Protecting My Outboard

"i am spraying internal parts of outboard engine and other parts of mechanical systems on my Grady White. Also on fishing reels. "

Boat Protection

"To maintain two 30foot boston whalers with two outboards each in florida. Plus a small fleet of ZODIAC boats and motors."

Boat Motors & Batteries

"Spraying on fuse blocks and wiring. Anything that will corrode. Also on lower units which are well known to corrode. "

Rudders and Cleaning The Boat

"I have some corrosion on my rudders and I have heard good things about your product. thought I would give it a try"

Protecting The Motor Of My Honda Jetski

"After riding I clean the motor or my skis with Salt Away, then coat the entire engine with Corrosion Block."

Marine Use

"I have winterised my marine engines for years with your product and have never had a problem with rust."

Prevent Corosion On Boat Windows

"I am new to your product. It was recommended on the Classic Parker website by Parker boat owners. "

Charter Sailboat Maintenance

"We use it on numerous key metallic systems on a charter sailboat, both below deck and up top. "

Marine Engine

"I spray down the entire marine engine on my boat to keep the salt water from corroding it."

Propeller And Shaft Protection

"I am going to use this product on the boat before it goes into the water for the season. "

Boat Electronics

"Battery terminals, flood inside of electronics to PREVENT cocorrosion, spray alternator."

Marine Engines And Linkage.

"Does a great job on all marine metal issues. A bit expensive but it does the job."

Boat Motor& Accessories

"Protecting electronics and motor metal parts great stuff been using for years"

Boat Maintainance

"I am preventing Another Bill (boat name) from becoming another bill!"

Protecting My Boat

"This will be used to protect my new boat from saltwater corrosion"

Outboard Motors

"spraying inside of my outboard motors for salt water protection"

Saltwater Protection

"Reels, Boat, Jet Ski, Trailers, Tools, Furniture, Electrical"

Fixing Saltwater Corrsion On A Boat

"Loosening nuts on propeller shafts and all exposed fittings."

Boat Suspension Seats

"Want to try this on the suspensions seats to prevent rust"

Saltwater Boating

"Saltwater boating or anything with rust or corrosion"

Protecting Metal Parts On Trailers And A Sailboat

"Protecting Metal Parts On Trailers And A Sailboat"

For a big boat

"Gift for my son-in-law. He has a big boat."


"Protecting engine room from corrosion"

Rusty boat

"Fixing a rusty boat, electronics"

Marine corrosion prevention

"Marine corrosion prevention"

Boat Protection

"Boat in a salty environment"

Multiple Use

"boat wiring"