Boat Motor and Marine Engine Corrosion

Your boat motor is probably one of the most important and complex parts on your entire vessel.  It consists of dozens of electrical harnesses, contacts, and other metal parts that can corrode over time.  Outboard motors, inboard motors, I/O motors, and even trolling motors are all at risk.

Saltwater environments are harsh to marine engines, with oxidation that can happen in just weeks without protection. 

A quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months.  Make it a best practice to re-apply during new seasons, winterization, and after long cruises.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

65 Mustang & 34' Sea Ray Preservation

"Just bought an "06" 34' Sea Ray so I immediately wanted to look for something to coat everything in the engine room to prevent from looking last my last boat after only 1 year of salt air exposure. While reading about Corrosion Block I realized I could also use it to protect the problem areas in my 65 Fastback. Living in FL near the water is a whole lot harder on vehicles than the winters in upstate NY and those who own collector cars that sit in garages will love this kind of protection! Thank you! Chip Johnson Tampa FL "

Marine Engine Protection

"I rinse my diesel engines after use and spray corrosion block onto exterior surfaces. This is a good protectant and actively repels salt build up. I also lubricate my rod roller guides and exterior surfaces of my reels to inhibit any corrosive action. I use it just about anywhere there is metal exposed to the harse Hawaiian marine elements! Mahalo!"

Boat Motor,& Rods

"I use corrosion block on my outboard and I wipe my rods down with it also I have found that a lite wash with clean water after every trip out and a good coat of corrosion block every few months will keep your motor looking like brand new I recomend your product to everyone it is amazing. Thanks so much, Matthew Rhoden"

Protecting Marine Engines And A Whole Bunch Of Things

"I completely coat my outboards with Corrosion Block and have been doing so for the past ten years. I also us it on the trailer winch. I recently started using it to protect screws and nuts on dock lights. I ahve used it on fishing reels and rods. These are the primary uses. The other uses are far to numerous to list. "

Electrical Connections

"It works all the time and every time. Use it on everything I own. Outboards, Inboards, electronics, cars, trucks, hunting & fishing gear. Restoring old, corroded electrical and electronic connections is #1. "

Marine Applications

"This is my first purchase. I intend to use it on seacocks, engine parts, etc. If it works well I would be happy to provide a positive comment. (And of course, buy more.) -Eric Stanley S/V Argyle Down East 38"

Outboard Lubrication

"I remove the cowling on my outboard motor and spray the outside of the engine including all electrical. I also spray the outside of all my small motors."

Circuit Boards

"The circuit board to our electric trolling motor is full of corrosion and I heard about your product and I am hoping that it work on our motor."

Boat Motor

"I spray my whole motor down while it sits in Cabo for the winter. When i get back i know i wont have any problems..."

Marine Use

"I have winterised my marine engines for years with your product and have never had a problem with rust."

Marine Engine

"I spray down the entire marine engine on my boat to keep the salt water from corroding it."

Marine Engines And Linkage.

"Does a great job on all marine metal issues. A bit expensive but it does the job."

Auto/Marine Protection

"Virtually all metal/wire/bolts of engines are coated regularly."

Lubing TM Bearings

"TM= Trolling Motor"