Boat Trailer Corrosion

Boat trailers are constantly dipped in and out of water (and sometimes even worse - saltwater).

Exposing metal parts to both water and oxygen mean that corrosion is inevitable without protection.  With trailers in particular, electrical wire harnesss tend to go first.

A quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Trailer running lights

"I am rewiring a utility trailer for running lights and have a wire "splitter" mounted under the trailer and exposed to the weather. I intend to spray it with Corosion Block then cover it with a piece of rubber stapled to the underside of the trailer bed. This should prevent future problems with corrosion. "

Boat Trailor And Boat

"Getting tired of replacing hubs and bearings on my trailor!!! Our friend, Mark Pearson, who works at Lear Chemical, introduced us to the grease and the spray and we love it!,, nothing works better!! And I will use it on my lawn equipment as well. Thx Ward"

Travel Trailer At The Beach

"I have a 32 foot travel trailer which stays at Murtle beach, SC. I use Corrosion block on my stabilizers, slide out, steps, bumpers as well anything and everything which rusts. Corrosion block keeps everything operating smoothly. "

Saltwater Protection For Wheel Bearings

"Corrosion Block by far out performs all other wheel bearing grease that I have ever used. No more replacing a wheel bearing on my boat trailer, on the side of the road. Thanks to Lear Chemical for making a truly superior product."

Rusty Trailer

"Boat trailer that will be going to salt water. Do you think this will work? If so how often should I re-coat the trailer? ie. After how many trips to the launch area. Thank you, Wayne "

Boat Trailer

"I will be using it on nuts and bolts on my galvanized boat trailer, which is used in salt water. I will also try it on nylon and metal zippers on fishing bags and fishing clothing. "

Boat Trailer

"We tow a 10,000lb boat for our hydrographic surveying business. Because of the daily exposure to salt water, your grease is the only one that we trust with our bearings"

Boat Trailer

"I am a new user of your product. Boating Life magazine recommended it and since I boat in salt water in the winter, I thought I would give it a try. "

Boat Trailer Springs and nuts

"Spray on springs and lug nuts"