Electronics corrosion (wire harnesses, distribution blocks, and more)

When metal is exposed to moisture and oxidation, it can lead to corrosion problems.  Those located on the coats near saltwater or salty sea breezes know this can be a problem.

Typically, items found outdoors have the most issues:  pc boards, electrical wiring harnesses, distribution blocks, outlets, and more.

A quick spray of Corrosion Block can protect your equipment for up to 12 months.


Read below to hear how some of our customers are using it:

Electrical Equipment Protection

"I was provided a can of this to try out once. I threw it in my truck and forgot about it until one day I went to check out a remote radio sight that had stopped working. It was powered by solar cells. The transmitter unit had a storage battery mounted directly above the electronics. The battery froze (breaking the case dumping acid all over everything when it later thawed). Feature acid "fuzz" 6" deep covering circuit boards and terminals! I remembered that can of Corrosion Block and hosed everything down with it. The "fuzz" appeared to be melting away immediately. When I started checking the solar cells the radio came to life! "

Outdoor breaker box

"Primary use was to treat rust and corrosion in an outdoor electrical breaker box. Sprayed in the box over all connections and breakers while the box was still hot. An hour later, all rust and corrosion had virtually disappeared and many surfaces shined like new. Amazing. I use it everywhere I need rust protection, especially moving parts on outdoor metal."

Mechanical And Electronics In Salt Water Environment; Electronics Affected

"In addition to my boats, I'm going to try this on electronics. I'm not sure it will work yet, but electronics worn by people, such as hearing aids and cochlear implant processors (worn behind the ear), are subject to chronic malfunction due to sweat. These are very expensive devices and their failure severely affects the wearer. More to come. "

Protecting My Boat

"I apply corrosion block to all my electronic connections. As well as my motor the product works great and I have had absolutely no corrosion problems since I have been using corrosion block "

Electrical Connections

"Using on electrical connections and engine controls that are subject to the elements. Using to displace and protect the part(s) especially electrical solenoids used within the RV industry."

To Protect Rc Electronics From Mosture.

"I want to test your product to see if it is capable of protecting high current electronics from mosture and not to cause heat build up on MOSFETS Thanks "

Almost Everything Outdoors

"We use corrosion block on electrical starters, switchgear, and circuit boards that need to survive the south Florida environment."

Protecting Equipment

"Spraying onto remote control units circuitry. Also into electrical junction boxes."

Prevent Corrosion

"To prevent corrosion on PCB connectors used in outdoor security access equipment"

Car Wash Bay Electronic Board

"Prevent corrosion on our car wash bay electronic boards."

Ground Area

"To cover a grounding spot on an electrical enclosure."

Protecting Boat Electrical

"Spray and grease on all electrical connections"


"Spray directly to car computer avoid corrosion"

Rusty Electronics

"Lots of all rusty electronics from flooding."

Boat engine room

"Metal surfaces in an engine room"

Pc Board

"PC Boards in Hawaii"