Energy, Oil, and Gas Corrosion

Energy companies deal with extreme environments that can lead to corrosion of expensive equipment.

Corrosion can be accelerated by harsh chemicals, saltwater environments, or high temperatures.

Customers of Corrosion Block have used our products on pipelines, pumps, wind turbine bolts, electrical wiring harnesses, and much more.

Corrosion can be stopped or prevented, though.  A quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Power Company Protection

"I used your product as a mechanic for Gulf Power Company in Fort Walton Beach, FL for several years until leaving the area about 8 years ago. It was the best corrosion product I had ever seen and after using my can sparingly for these last 8 years it has been depleted. i have searched every store I frequent buit to no avail. Today I logged on to find it and am glad I did. I however; had a problem and was trying to order 4 cans instead of one and would love to have them. Call for approval or just send the 4 cans. Thanks, Hank "

Liquid Swiss Army Knife

"Started using this product years ago when my Dad got a bottle from a petroleum company and he wanted me to try it out. I love this product; I use it for use on everything from corroded bolts to rusted circuit boards. Have saved the replacement cost of quite a few electronics for myself and friends' wet circuit board that rusted, no problem."

Using On Batteries and Power Systems

"We are a service company to the oil and gas industry supplying and maintaining DC power systems throughout the Gulf South Region and the Gulf of Mexico. We have used Corrosion Block for the past 13 years and this product is superior to any other product out there hands down. "

Standby Power Systems

"I am the senior technician for Standby Power System Consultants here in Westmont, Il. I will be testing your product for use on our installations and subsequent maintenance programs. Check out my website ... "

Stop Corrosion

"We have male/female DC plugs for our deadman cables that keep rusting. We are going to try to use it as a rust inhibitor to see how much longer the connections last. "

Industrial Oilfield Equipment

"Sanjel's electronic technicians use Corrosion Block for any place they deem neccessary to provide corrosion protection"

Electronics Protection

"Protection of electronic connection in our hydraulic fracturing fleet - North Dakota oil production"

Meter Tubes

"After cleaning gas pipeline meter tubes for resale it is used to coat the inside of the raw pipe."

Preventing Corrosion On Electrical Terminals

"Using this for a solar electric system which has outdoor electrical terminals."

Protecting Solar Systems Offshore Gulf Of Mexico

"Protecting Solar Systems Offshore Gulf Of Mexico"

Oil And Gas Equipment

"On oil and gas equipment"