Fishing Reel and Gear Corrosion

Fishing reel corrosion is a common problem for anglers of the saltwater seas. A few sprays of Corrosion Block will keep your reel spinning like new! Fishing reel corrosion causes grinding, resistance, and frustration!

Through normal wear and tear, fishing reels degrade due to the corrosion that slows down the bearing and gears.

Fishing Reel Corrosion is costly: It's much cheaper to maintain a reel than to replace one entirely!

Plus, let's not forget about the cost of losing a big game fish...

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Fishing Rods, Tackle, Electric Motors

"Sprayed Corrosion block on a reel that was just before being discarded. I live in Mexico Beach, FL. part of the time. I was gone for a week or so and returned to find the reel that WOULD NOT TURN is now functional. I've used it on bikes, car battery terminals, etc. My last project, also at the beach, involves a shallow well pump that had what I believed to be a bearing problem. It squealed very shrilly. It threw breakers. I sprayed it with Corrosion Block a few days ago before I left and realized a NOTICEABLE difference in the sound or lack of sound. I am looking forward to returning in a week to see if the soaking has indeed improved the pump's performance. I also sprayed a breeze fan that previously had to be kicked off by flipping the blades with a screwdriver. After spraying and sitting for awhile, it now starts simply by turning it on. Totally impressed."

Protecting My Boat And Tackle

"This past winter, I fished in some terrible conditions chasing down a hot sailfish bite. We hooked two fish, but with only my dad and I on board it was a nightmare of twisted line and we pulled the hooks on both fish. We also spun the boat stern to the huge seas. A single breaking wave dumped 500 gals of seawater on the deck threatening to sink us. My tackle box was floating around the deck as the scuppers made quick work of all the water. My tackle box flooded, and a lot of the tackle turned into a rusty mess. However, the items that were previously sprayed with Corrosion Block suffered no damage whatsoever. Everything else went into the garbage. Corrosion Block is the only item ever to stand up to the harsh conditions the Florida Keys offers up every day."

Truck Fishing Equipment

"I live in Hawaii, and like to go fishing. I just bought a new truck and would like it to have all the protection it can get from the salt air. I have seen your product demonstrated on a local fishing show and thought this would be a great product for my fishing equipment and truck. Thank you, Steven"

Fishing Reels

"Surf fishing in the waters of Montauk, NY will destroy your equipment in a heartbeat as you and your equipment will get pounded by waves and take a dunking. You need to protect your equipment or it will fail when meet up with that 50lb. striper of your dreams!"

Protection For Rv And Electic Equipment

"I used corrosion when I was commerical fishing off the Oregon and found it to be an outstanding product. I use it for various fixes house and auto and motor home. I also tell anyone who will listen how great I think your product works. Thank You Harold Morris "

Fishing Rods To Hay Equipment

"I love offshore fishing and it takes thousands of dollars for equipment and boat. I also farm and ranch so there are lots of places to use corrosion protection and when you add the ability to use on electrical connectors it really expands the area of uses."

Fishing Equipment And Electrical Coverage

"Works great on salt water fishing gear. We fish out of kayaks and our gear is exposed to water all the time. I can fish all week and just rinse my tackle off with fresh water after each days use and it stays in perfect working order."

Fishing Reels, Pliers, Korkers Boot Spikes

"I surf fish in NY. In places like Montuak Point all your gear gets submerged and if not taken proper care of will get destroyed. Your product is great and comes in handy as an anti sieze where screws and threads meet salt water."

I'll Be Using It For My Salt Water Reels

"I've just seen this product on TV(Hawaii goes fishing). I figure I'd use this on my fishing reels and try it out on my new Titian. Since I live live next to the ocean, I need all the help I can get."

Maintenance Of Fishing Gear

"I've been fishing wading out on the reef and my gear eventually suffers from some type of corrosion. I've seen several impressive ads for Corrosion Block and I'd like to see my gear saved from rust."

Protecting Rods & Reels

"I don't like to see corrosion even starting. I use it on my rod seats and reels. I apply on all metal to metal contact points, especially threads. I apply both before and after all fishing trips."

Fishing Gear

"I do a lot of salt water fishing both inshore and off shore canyon and the equipment (reels) are constantly exposed to salt spray so i need a good protectant/lube to keep them working."

Fishin Rod And Reel Protection

"One can to each of my fishing and hunting buddies. We all fish, hunt, and do general outdoor activities. We will test this product and report the results."

Multiple Uses Boating And Fishing Equipment/Repair

"We call it the "blue stuff" and keep it handy whenever repairing or doing maintenance on fishing rods and reels, boat outboard motors and boat trailers."

Deep Drop Fishing Reels

"The products is used in various area on our Electric Deep Drop Fishing Reels in order to help prevent any salt water corrosion."

Motor Protection

"Salt Crystals are forming on my outboard motors. I am using your product to protect them so they can last a lifetime!"

Protecting Fishing Gear

"A friend who is a fishing guide swears by your Corrosion block. I am buying it to protect my fishing gear."

Salt Water Fishing / All

"Using it for everything on my boat (Saltwater) Electronics, Rods & Reels, Motors, Everything"

Electric Reels And Electronics

"Protect from corrosion and keep the electric reels working, especially when a fish is on. "

I'M A Fishing Reel Repair Center For Repairing Reels

"Inside of the reels and the bearings to stop rust BEST GREASE I HAVE FOUND "

Fixing Reels

"Great for cleaning off corrosion."