Gun Corrosion

Testing has shown that by properly cleaning your firearm and reducing corrosion, time between jams increased from 200-300 rounds to over 1500 rounds without a jam! (tested on a .22cal with LR rounds)

Properly maintaining your firearm will provide you with silky-smooth bolt action, and a barrel that maintains its structural integrity.

Gun Barrel Corrosion leads to poor accuracy and inconsistency. End gun corrosion in collectible rifles and antiques with Corrosion Block.

Rusty bolts like the one shown above are common in vintage rifles and antiques. The metal is slowly being flaked off in its new brittle state. Save these weapons now before it's too late!

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Lubing Target Shotgun

"How am I using it? I am lubing my target shotgun and all my friends' guns at the club because none of us have ever seen anything like your grease. You sent me a free tube of the grease with my last (and first from you, though I'd been using CB spray oil for 10 years) order of CB spray oil. Many thanks to Mary for including that tube! Now I'm gonna make my friends buy their own tube from me and you'll soon be getting orders from them. Your product is just incredible. But then, so is CB oil. Many thanks. Ralph Cushman Anchorage, Alaska"


"I first purchased it for electrical and suspension protection on an extreme offroad vehicle, then started using it on boats, guns, fishing tackle and now my pool filter motors, heck, I use it on everything except my sandwiches......Great product. Thanks, Paul Maszczak"

Protecting Clay Target Traps

"Sporting Clays Ranges leave their trap machines outside all year round. The traps are subject to all weather and have many working parts. I would think this product would be a great help to protect the traps and keep them working."

Antique Gun Shop

"Black powder corrodes everything it touches I've been using your product for years for marine and automotive applications now it's on my "go to" shelf in the gun shop. Great stuff!"

Several Old Shotguns

"Cleaning and protectant for my guns"

Firearms test

"For a test in firearms"

Gunsmith Work

"Gunsmith work"