Live Bait Well Corrosion

Your live-bait well is crucial to keeping your bait fresh for better results. The pump and plumbing of your well will naturally break down under normal wear and tear.

As a fisherman, you expect your gear to hold up under tough conditions. Saltwater and air combine to form corrosion that will eventually destroy your gear unless you maintain it. Live-bait well pumps are not cheap to replace

A few sprays from a can of Corrosion Block twice a year is enough to protect your pump. This is a far more effective solution than replacing pumps at a cost of roughly $30 each plus labor.

Live-bait well pump corrosion is a gradual process

It may not be broken yet, but as corrosion and grime build up in the pump, the output will gradually decrease. The lack of oxygen in your tank will result in lethargic or even dead bait. Don't wait until it's too late - take care of your gear now.