Motorcycle Corrosion

Motorcycles are constantly exposed to wet and corrosive conditions.

Since many components are made of metal, this means that you will run into many corrosion issues over time.  Examples include exhaust pipes, electrical connections, and more.

Read below to hear how our customers are using Corrosion Block to protect their bikes:

Electrical Connection Protection

"I have two applications: 1. Use on Motorcycle electrical connections, since they are always subject to bot outside conditions and hot and cold temperature swings w/wo moisture present. 2. As a musician I have speaker cabinets, amplifiers, and other electronic/electrical connections that, from temp variations and moisture, have a tendency to 'lightly' oxydize. Since these are 'low power' connections it only takes a little oxydization to create a 'static' conditon or intermittant contact. This condition is particularly present in the SouthEast U.S. were high humidity and cool to hot temperatures can vary considerably from night to day, especially in Spring and Fall. This will be my first time use of this product and I'm anxious to try it and hopeful that the results will be as successful as it is promoted to be in other applications. Regards, Jim Brennecke Martinez, GA"

Motorcycles And Plumbing Repairs

"It penetrates bathtub drain shoes by getting past the putty, also loosens sink drains as well as tub and shower handles. Motorcycle lubrication, we own 3 Harleys. Have been using on boats since 2001. My 30" Sea Ray Sundancer had twin I/O's boat mechanic would not work on it if we did not soak everything. From the engines to the outdrives! every time I returned from the Bahamas. Love this stuff I should be a salesman! "

Protecting Motorcycle

"I used it last year on two of my bikes. I had spent countless hours removing oxidation and rust on the 1983 Honda that I was restoring and was looking for a product to keep my work in the condition it was in over the winter. I saw your product on the internet and tried it. I am reordering for this winter as I had no corrosion and easiest spring clean up ever!"

Protectecting 1968 Triumph 2011 Harley Davidson

"I have a 1968 Triumph that I have restored. During the restoration process I had to wire brush all the bolts to clean them up due to the fact that they were completely rusted over. The wire brushing has made them suceptable to rust even with the smallest amount of moisture. "

Motorcycle Electrical and Accessory Protection

"Protecting electrical connections and accessory electronics. I'm embarking on 3000 mile trek during the heat and rains of Summer and protection and reliability are foremost on my packing list."

Motor Cycle & Fishing Tackle

"We live on the Texas Gulf Coast and salt air creats problems for both my Harley Davidson and fishing tackle. Plus, my boat hardware. I intend to use your product on all above items."

Cleaning Up An Old Motorcycle

"I am looking at a 32 year old motorcycle that spend most of its life on the coast - a lot of corrosion on that guy and am hoping this product will help in cleaning it up. "

Goldwing Motorcycle

"Most of us Goldwingers add a lot of expensive aftermarker accesories to our bikes and the last thing we want to see is rust and corrosion. "

Fixing Motorcycle

"Corrosion is starting to develop on the bottom of my motorcycle and I am going to try to see if I can remove it with this product."

Protecting my racing bike

"Keeping my racing bike clean and corrosion free has never been easier and more predictable since finding this product!"


"Put it on my cherry vintage scooter, don't need rust!"