Protecting against car and truck corrosion

Cars, trucks, and other automobiles are constantly exposed to harsh, wet environments. Over time, the metal parts of your vehicle will react with water and oxygen to create corrosion.

Some commonly affected parts are exhaust, electrical harnesses, brake lines, battery terminals, seized spark plugs, rusty chassis parts, and more.

A quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months. 

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Auto Restoration Front Side And Back

"I have used a number of "penetrating" oils before but Corrosion Block beats them all hands down. It loosens the nastiest fasteners and parts then protects them once cleaned and bare till I need them again. In the past, I have used products like WD40 and had to wait sometimes hours to get modest results, still breaking off the occasional bolt or having to split a nut. Since using Corrosion Block on my old car projects, I get the rusty and stuck bolts off in just a few minutes, no exceptions. Thanks for making a product that does such a great job. "

Protecting My Fleet Of Cars

"I live in the northeast so rust tends to form on cars. I've tried cutting out the rust and patching and rust sealers like por15 but those methods don't work, rust comes back because most likely the source of the water is still there. Now i fix the rust spot and spray the corrosion block inside the problem areas yearly to keep the metal from rusting. The stuff goes where paint can't so i know it'll stop rust in even the places i can't see. It is a lot less work and worry than tracking down and sealing the source of the water."

Great Product!!!

"We live in the northeast and our cars are subject to aggressive corrosion during the winter. With each oil change, we spray anything that looks like it might turn into rust on the undercarriage of the car. Although it is impossible to totally eliminate rust, we can slow the process down, extend the life of the vehicle and get 200-300,000 miles on it before the chasssis succumbs."

Auto Repair

"We are a BMW/Mini repair facility, and use your product on relays, control units, and other electrical items that may be exposed to moisture. We have used your products for years, and are very happy with the performance of your products. If you need need a place to send out new samples, please dont be shy."

Bolt Removal

"I had to remove my 1972 Chevy truck rear axle to replace the housing that got ruined when a bearing went bad. I tried other rust and bolt looseners on some of the rusty bolts without any luck at all even using extension bars on the rachet handle. I sprayed on your product and within an hour they came loose with minimal effort - what a great product!"

Electric Connectors On Car

"Sampling it to see how it well works. Have encountered numerous instances of corroded electric connections on older cars and am trying to find some product which will clean the corrosion as well as prevent future oxidation. I'm hoping that your Corrosion Block (found thru various sites on the internet) proves to be the magic I'm looking for."

Electrical Connections

"I am restoring a 1963 Impala SS. The worse problem to deal with is a bad electical connection on these older cars. I am a member of "chevytalk" on the internet. A follow member puts Corrosion Block on most of his connections and he says it works great. I have recomended Corrosion Block to my son for his '86 Buick Grand National. Don"

Removing Rusty Bolts

"A friend of mine and I work on old cars.he has used your product as he removed and replaced parts. I am building a 37 Olds,and as you know it has alot of rusty bolts. Everything has to come apart to be cleaned, repaired, and reassembeled. I am looking forward to your product helping me wirh this process. Thank you Richard Stelzer "

Protecting A Car And Boat Investment

"I have a frame off restored 1969 Camaro SS that I will be using this product on. I need a safer product like this corrosion block to protect all the aluminum in my engine, and other areas of need. I also have a restored 1986 Sea Ray Pachanga that has similar engine in need of corrosion protection. "

Logging Truck

"The de-icer compound used on the highway here in Washington state during the winter months is very corrosive.I am constantly battling rusty bolts.Often times turning a simple project into a major one.I have used your product and was very impressed.I believe this is going to save me alot of grief."

Wiring Harness Corrosion

"I have a 1996 Cadillac Seville that I bought two years ago. It has been a nightmare as far as electrical problems go. I recently discovered that the wiring harness is severely corroded and will need to be replaced at a cost of more than $1000. I'm hoping this product will solve the problem."


"Protect steel hydraulic brake lines from further corrosion, as well as steel fuel lines, bleeder screws, isolated areas of body, doors, under-hood accessories which are made of cast aluminum, which just loves to pit, corrode, weaken as a result, and look unsightly as well."

Protecting Car

"I just got back from Iraq and bought my dream car. It is a 73 Corvette all parts are original and numbers match. Still has the original window sticker. Has light rust on the surface of the frame and I want to keep it that way. I hope it does what you say it does."

Restoring Older Car

"purchased an older corvette that's been in Canada and the northeast it's hole life (26 years). Texas isn't used to all this rust but I heard your product can help my cause. I'm counting on your product to help me out. Mark"

Battery Terminals

"I use it to coat terminals in auto's, radio's, tape deck's and terminal blocks, most any thing that uses batteries. Also I was once a retailer for the product and highly recommend it for all electrode applications."

Acf-50/Corrosionx User

"Experimenting with various anti-corrosion compounds and application methods "Protecting my car". At present I don't see any information (except a mention) of your 2-foot application tool on the web site."

Protecting My Car

"Just bought a mid-ninties classic BMW that is my daily driver. Have only heard good things about Corrosion Block, don't want it to get rusty this winter! Hope it works, thanks! "

Automotive Racing

"We use your product on electical connection for a Landspeed race car. We currently hold the record for a production bodied car @ 288mph. We are going for 300 this year."

Battery Wash Spilled On Fire Wall

"this is not a great its about a dumb ass (me) spilling water on fire wall with drippings after I washed my battery terminals... But I am glad I found your product"

Protect My Van

"To save money and have my van last another 100k miles I am going to spray it insided the doors and underneath wherever there is rust, then have it undercoated. "

Protecting Autos

"Using on all electrical terminals and battery connections under the hood. Will use on motorcycles when I receive this shipment to see how it works on them."

Protecting The Metal Brake Lines On My Truck

"The metal brake lines on my pick-up truck are showings signs of rust. I want to stop the rust and protect the brake lines before they leak."

Stopping Incipient Rust In Metal Surrounding Car Lock

"I have a car whose rear hatch car lock's surrounding metal is beginning to rust. I want to stop this before rust eats into the car body."

Porsche Protection

"Preventative Maintenance: Just want to keep my electrical connections connected on my Porsche 928 GTS (and anything else I work on!)."

Auto Body/Undercarriage

"Treating components exposed to the elements to prevent failure and to make their removal during maintenance a lot easier."

Truck Frame And Suspension

"Looking just to protect my Pick up truck frame, suspension and underside. Looking for a product so I am hoping it works. "

Car engine and doors

"Using it for my car engine and doors. Great for making the engine shine, you should sell it as an engine detailer. "

Weather Protection On Jeeps

"Used it when I rebuilt my 2000 Grand Cherokee. Used it on every nut/bolt/connection. Now rebuilding 1994 Wrangler."

Protect Parts

"I am attempting to protect wheels, shafts and bearings from rust until they get to the customer for installation."

Protect My Old Car

"Your product is keeping my rusting old truck from being full of large rust holes. It is amazing."

Protecting My Car

"Spraying the underneath of car and other trouble areas to slow oxidation process."

Wiring Harness

"Trying to protect the plugs on a 20-yr old wiring harness for a toyota supra."

Snow Plow

"I spray it on my snow plow to stop all the rust form all the road salt. "

Brake Calipers

"In Michigan we have a lot of rust on brake slides, works great!"

A Super Penetrating Oil

"Removes turbocharger bolts that previously required sacrifice"

Protecting Brake Lines

"Provide an extra barrier of protection to the brake lines."

Protecting My Mgb

"Applying it inside the door and rocker panels. "

Truckk And Equipment Maintenance

"Battery terminal and other areas of corrosion"

Battery box corrosion

"battery box corrosion prevention 73 Porsche"

Restoration Project On Sports Car

"For a restoration project on sports car."

Transaxle cases

"Protecting 1955 Porsche transaxle case"

Carriage Bolts

"For rusty carriage bolts on vehicles."

Car Battery

"Corrosion on car battery terminals."

Protecting My Car

"spray engine bay & under carriage"

Removing Seized Spark Plugs

"Removing Seized Spark Plugs"

Protecting Parts On Car

"Protecting Parts On Car"

Fixing Frozen Steering

"Fixing Frozen Steering"

SS Exhaust

"To prevent browning"