RC plane, Seaplane, and Drone Corrosion

Small, remote controlled aircraft often deals with a lot of corrosion issues, especially when flown near saltwater.

The combination of moist air and overall harsh conditions mean that rust can build up in a matter of weeks.  Some common parts that are affected are the engine, control rods, electrical components, and servos.

A quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Model Seaplanes

"I fly electric powered radio controled model seaplanes here on the Neuse River and have a need to protect the electronics from the brackish water here in New Bern, NC. I read where your product does this job very well. It would be nice to buy a 12oz "bottle" of the stuff cause I need to dip the components in it to get the protection deep inside the circuit boards. An aerosol spray will not penetrate these recesses. That is why I ordered two 4 ounce pump sprays. I intend to empty the contents of both bottles into one container so I can submerge my components to get total coverage. This brackish water will kill these delicate electronic devices in a matter of seconds. I look foreward to using your prodect and pray that it gives me the protrction I need. -Tom Smith"

Protecting Screws On R/C Vehicles

"I run electric radio control vehicles and have several small creeks by our apartment complex. I needed a product that would keep all the screws and steel rods free of corrosion and found this great product that will now allow me to run my vehicles in the creeks without having to worry about the water ruining all the metals parts on the truck. Thanks for the great product and now I can play in the water and snow without worry!"

Protecting Rc Electronics

"I plan to use Corrosion Block to spray on electronics in a Remote Control Float Plane. The plane occasionally flips over on water due to uncontrolable winds, and controlable, but not often, pilot skills!"

Protecting My Rc Plane

"I fly remote control airplanes off water with floats. This product protects my engine, control rods, electrical components, and servos from rust and water damage. Ted Tanzey Reno, NV"

Rc Floatplane

"I will be testing this product against another product (Corrosion-X)on electronics of my radio-controlled floatplanes. It seems Corrosion Block is better. I hope so!! "

Rc Airplanes

"I use it for a moisture barrier on the controls of my RC airplane's. Very pleased with the results and would recommend to everyone. Thanks"

Model Airplane Engines

"Using Corrosion Block for long-term storage of model airplane engines. Your product reviewed some time ago in R/C Modeler Magazine"

RC Seaplanes

"I plan to use it in RC airplanes that I fly off water to protect the receiver and ESC from water."

Electric Gimbal Motors

"We're gonna try to waterproof electric gimbal motors with it, for action cams and drones. "

Drone Electronics

"Waterproofing electronics for drone use"