RV and Motorhome Corrosion

RV's and motorhomes (such as Airstreams) are constantly exposed to harsh, wet environments. Over time, the metal parts of your vehicle will react with water and oxygen to create corrosion.

Some commonly affected parts are folding staircases, electrical harnesses, brake lines, battery terminals, and other chassis elements.

A quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

RV & Heavy Equipment Battery Protection

"After replacing batteries in my Monaco motor home that I had just purchased, that I knew were tired, I thought my problem was solved. But it would not start. I thought I had a bad starter, so I removed it and had it tested. It was fine! I called my mechanic, and he said I should check the engine, because he was stumped. So I decided to trace cables, and suprise!! It was corroded connections. Sometimes, taking care of the simple things is all it takes!!"

Airstream Travel Trailer

"Winter travel sprays salt and salt-snow solutions on parts of the trailer exposed to the road. Things like stair steps and stabalizing jacks become very stubborn after a short travel distnce. A fellow Airstream owner loaned me his can of Corrosion Block, and I was very impressed on how the steps worked without needing a pry bar. "

General Electrical Use In Rv 'S

"I share your product with our RV families. I show them the importance of protecting electrical switches and transfer switching and other electrical components. It also works quiet well on other things like the product dissolves the rust and protects the item from future build up. Great for the undercarriage of the RV"


"I have a severe problem with corrosion on my house batteries, I just replaced them and am looking for a good way to prevent the corrision. My brother recommended your product as he has used it on his boat and likes the results. If this works, I will be one happy camper!"

Rusty Battery Connections

"My RV battery grounding connections and connections running throughout the RV get rust build-up so that all my power goes out in my RV...Even turning on the generator does not get me power due to connector issues. I need a solution to protect connections."


"I am living at a motorhome resort in Newport, Oregon. It is located next to the Pacific ocean and I have experienced a lot of corrosion on the coach. I have applied a rust remover and plan to apply nocorrosion over the entire bottom of the coach. "

MotorHome Engine Compartments

"Motor home engine compartment corrosion. All electrical connections badly corroded and bolts impossible to remove. Hoping this product will not only loosen the bolts but stop the progress of the corrosion."

Corrosion On Camper

"We live only 20 miles from the gulf coast and even when we are not beach camping the air is salty at the house. We spray every thing down with corrosion block and it has kept the rust at bay."

Fold Out Steps On 5Th Wheel Rv.

"Corrosion Block does an excelent job of lubricating and protecting the metal steps on my 5th wheel RV. It does not attract dust and dirt nor does it become sticky."

Motor Home in a Humid Area

"I live in a humid area and some of the circuit boards i feel might be damaged due to the moisture.... Frome what I read I can protect them with this product"

Fold Out Steps On 5Th Wheel Rv

"Corrosino Block does a teriffic job lubricating and protecting the fold out steps on my 5th wheel RV and does not attract or collect durt or become sticky."

Electric Cable

"I use it to spray the the electrical cord connecting the vehicle that I pull behind my motorhome. I also spray all my fishing reels."


"My husband read about this product in one of his RV magazines. It had a very good review so he just had to try your product. "

Motor Hohe Battery

"My m/h battery has stayed clean of corrosion using this product for number of years. I bought the first can at a M/H rally"

Protecting RV

"Saw info in motor home mag. Sounds like just what we need for the RV, cars, tractors and around the business equipment."

Protecting Motorhome near Saltwater

"We live across the street from a salt water bay and I use it on all exposed metal parts on our 40' motorhome."

Use it for Everything...Car, Rv, In House, Remote Control Sailboat

"Wonderful...use it on water connections in RV, screws and bolts, electronic parts in RC sailboat"

Squeaky Places In Motor Home

"The hinges on the doors squeak annoyingly. I intend to stop the squeaking with Corrosion Block."

Motorhome Batteries

"To repair and protect my motorhome battery compartments (2) and batteriess (10)"

Rust On Rv Bolt

"The dealer we purchased our 5th wheel from recommended this product. "

Corrosion On My Motorhome Battery Terminals

"Hopefully stop corrosion on my motorhome battery terminals."


"Hoping this will stop the corrosion on my Airstream. "

1992 Winnebago RV

"Recommended for corroded chassis ground connections."

Motor Home Article

"For my RV"