Saltwater Corrosion

Saltwater corrosion isn't limited to boats and other watercraft in the oceans. Any coastal town resident can tell you that the saltwater moisture in the air quickly corrodes away all sorts of metal appliances outside.

Some common complaints include air conditioning units, locks, hinges, garage door openers, electrical panels, and more.

Saltwater Corrosion can be prevented

We recommend that you apply Corrosion Block twice a year to keep your appliances running like new.

Not only will they look better, but electrical and mechanical appliances will run more efficiently as well.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Protecting My Car, Electronics And More

"We live on the ocean and everything turns to rust in no time!! Since finding this product we've saved ourselves hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in car repair/paint jobs and having to replace computers, stereo equipment, weights and exercise equipment, plant stands, hangers, and hooks, outdoor furniture, tools, air compressors, battery chargers, light fixtures, fishing rods, hooks and tackle, outdoor grill, and anything/everything else that you can think of that rusts. The amount of these stated items and more we had to replace more than once due to severe rust in the past is staggering. This product is great! We will continue to buy it and use it as long as it's available!! Thank you Midwest Corrosion!"

Seaside House In Barbados

"Our winter home is on the oceanfront in Barbados. It receives spray and mist , especially when the wind is high- a very corrosive environment. We have used Corrosion Block for several years, and it is more effective and convenient than any other product we have found on iron, steel and stainless steel."

Protecting My Car And Any Other Metal Articles Exposed To Marine Air

"Living as I do by the seashore all exposed metal springs, hinges and other moving metal parts in my car etc. need corrosion protection. I have used this product for over 10 years with excellent results in protection. I cannot find it locally so am happy to find it from your firm."

Salt Rust

"We were just yesterday told of your product for use in our Barbados vacation home. The pins of our 316 stainless steel hinges rust from the salt spray. If our order arrives before 09/05/08 we will carry it down, use it and report to you on our next visit in January."

Protect Machinery During Overseas Shipping

"We are using this as a trial to attempt to stop the rusting of our machinery while in shipping between our manufacturing facility in Taiwan, our headquarters in Kentucky, and any location worldwide where we ship our presses."

Protecting Metal At A Beach House In The Outer Banks.

"We have a beach house on Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks and the salt air is murder on outside metal. I want to use this on surfaces to see how well they hold up."

Protecting Metal Fixtures

"I'm building a home in Kauai close to the ocean and want to protect the metal trim on lighting and fans from corrosion....hopefully, this product will help."

Everything that touches salt water

"I use this product on anything that touches salt water, motor, honda, tackle, gigs, anything metal. This is the best I have found in over 40 years."

Knee Braces

"We will be using your product on our knee brace to make sure the are not damaged by salt water when in use."

Elevator Protection

"Lubricating mechanical parts for an elevator in a salt water environment"

New Yacht Protection

"Protection of metals exposed to saltwater"