Tool Corrosion

Tools exposed to moisture tend to corrode over time, even the ones made from the best materials.

Corrosion can be accelerated by living near saltwater, dealing with flooding, or having your tools exposed to harsh chemicals.

A quick spray of Corrosion Block can prevent corrosion for up to 12 months.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Protecting And Lubricating Tools

"My entire life (I am 57) I have been building things. I started with wood working in my Dad's shop at the age of three. Corrosion has always been an issue in Iowa with the high humidity. Corrosion block is the first product that I have gotten excited about with regards to this problem. I have also been a sailor for 35 years. Corrosion Block is ideal for lubricating all of the hardware found on a boat. "

Fix Tools After Chemical Spill

"We had to accelerate some metal roofing by using Muiatic acid and amodium chloride. There was a spill in the back of my truck that is enclosed with a shell. The muriatic acid got spilled and rusted ALL of my tools overnight including some neumatic roofing guns which even rusted inside of the cylinders. I heard this stuff works better than anything else. I will let you know. Eric Johnson"

Protecting Tools

"Nothing out of the ordinary. Found one of my wrenches with some surface rust on it even though it is stored in a humidity controlled environment, got mad, found your product and am going to 'go to town' on all my tools with the Corrosion Block to keep that from ever happening again."

Rusty Farm Equipment

"I bought a three point hitch post hole digger that had been left outside quite a while. All of the cotter keys, nuts and bolts are rusty and stuck. A graduate student, from my HS auto shop class, recommended your product -so we will see how it works. -Richard "

Protect Everything In Work Shop

"I apply it to all the tools and equipment subject to corrosion. I have applied it to tools which I purchased in 1971 and they still look shiny. It really works!!! (It even works on junk made in China.....)"

Protecting Machine Tools And Tooling

"No exciting story to tell, I just want to provide a layer of protection to lathe chucks, mill vises, and other tooling when not in use."

Tools with a Black Oxide Coating

"Looking to replace black oxide coating with easy to apply spary coating to prevent tools from rusting during shipping and storage."

Tools And Tackle

"I think it is important to take care of what I have. I am tired of tools and tackle getting rusty."

Rusty Equipment

"We unlocked a grinding wheel motor without having to take it apart by using corrosion block."