Farm and Tractor Corrosion

Farm equipment and tractors are susceptible to the wear and tear of time. This means oxidation due to moisture. This oxidation is the source of corrosion, which weakens the metal and makes it more brittle.

Corrosion Block can protect your tractors!

Not only can Corrosion Block prevent your tractors (from modern to antique), but it also acts as a penetrant to help you free seized bolts and other parts. It will make working on your equipment much more enjoyable.

Just spray on, wait about 10 minutes, and come back. Your job should be considerably easier this time around.

Read below to hear how our customers are using our products to protect their equipment:

Everything-Boat,Tractor,Trailers Fantastic Product

"Corrosion Block is my primary means of not only corrosion and rust protection but also freeing up frozen parts. I always start with Corrosion Block and if need be work my way to WD-40 or BP. WD-40 does not come close to the rust protection I get with Corrosion Block. I live on 20 acres on Escambia Bay(saltwater) and use corrosion block on my boat, tractor, trailers and everything else that is metal that I need protection from the salt air or saltwater I love it. Thanks, Steve McGaugh"

Spraying Electric Connections Inside Broiler Poultry Houses

"I raise broiler chickens, we have junction boxes for electric connections, chicken poop contains ammonia and nitrogen, both are harsh on wire connections. I spray all junction boxes once a year and it keeps corrosion and rust from building up, learned about corrosion block from past commercial fishing career"

Rusty Farm Equipment

"I bought a three-point hitch post hole digger that had been left outside quite a while. All of the cotter keys, nuts and bolts are rusty and stuck. A graduate student from my HS auto shop clas recommended your product - so we will see how it works. -Richard "

Tractor Corrosion

"We use corrosion guard for the maintence for our tractors. Being in a salt water environment we a prone to rusting especially if we use the tractor to haul/launch a boat. We have been using CB for two years now and it absolutely works."

John Deere Ag Dealer Electrical Connectors

"I have not used it here yet, but we had techs in hawaii and the shop they were working in had the product. Our service manager was so impressed with the product he had me order a case of it as soon as they got back to dealer ship."

Around The House, On Tractors And Hot Rods

"I use it on my tractors, around the house, and on hot rod cars. Have also used before on boats and it is great. Can not find it localy anywhere. Good stuff."

Tractor trailer hitches

"Outstanding on the three-point hitch on my tractor. I never have a problem making adjustments on the hitch even though it stays out in the weather. "

Farm equipment, tools, and more

"I use it on farm equipment, aircraft, tools, fishing rods, etc. by far the very best product i have ever used!"

Around The Farm

"I like using Corrosion Block because it lubricates and protects without collecting dust."

Protecting Tractors

"We are using the product to protect our tractors from the salt spray from the ocean."

Rusty Tractors

"I use this product on rusty tractors at my farm."