Air Conditioning Corrosion Posted on 13 Jun 12:35

The Problem

Coastal regions near seawater tend to be highly corrosive environments. Expensive equipment is constantly exposed to both direct saltwater and the humid sea breeze. Corrosion starts when moisture penetrates the base metal and causes a dielectric reaction. This reaction acts like a battery, producing at first a white haze of oxidation and then later severe pitting.

For air conditioning units in particular, corrosion attacks the aluminum condenser fins and electrical connections. Mounting hardware and bolts are also a common issue.

Worried about application to electricals, such as 208V or 440V? Corrosion Block has a dielectric strength of 40 KV, which means you can apply it liberally without fear.

air conditioning corrosion

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Apply Corrosion Block while performing a customer's annual inspection to prevent costly damage. Newly installed units are also ideal targets to protect before corrosion ever begins. Our clean, clear fluid can be applied with an aerosal spray or in larger quantities with a pump.

Applying Corrosion Block not only stops existing corrosion, but also prevent any corrosion in the future. A coating typically lasts 6 to 12 months depending on your environment.