Air Compressor Corrosion

Air compressors (or ac compressors) that live outside are constantly exposed to elements that can result in heavy corrosion.

The electrical terminals, connections between the lines and contactors, and other metal contact points all can see corrosion.

By applying Corrosion Block ahead of time, you can prevent this corrosion from ever happening.  A typical coat lasts 6-12 months.  It will also stop corrosion from continuing.

Read how our customers are protecting their AC compressors below:

Protecting AC, Cars, Tools

"I had rusty water come out every time I drained my air compressor so I put Corrosion Block in the tank about 5 yrs ago and have never had rust come out again....The compressor is 20 yrs old and all that comes out now is clear water....Fantastic!"

Compressor Cases and more

"A/C compressor cases; electrical connections, particularly on boats in salt water; tools; alkaline battery connections"

Recommended By Fine Homebuilding Mag

"Compressor tank spray to inhibit rust. Found out about it from an old 1999 issue (No 126) on the web. Took an hour to find, though. Maybe you should advertise it for this purpose more widely."

Air Compressor Tank

"Using to treat existing corrosion and prevent additional corrosion inside air compressor tank."

Protect AC Unit At Beach House

"To protect my A/C compressor outside of my beach house"

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